Asset Inventory Management system is an inventory control system that is designed to help businesses take control of their assets. The software helps organisations to efficiently manage space, facilities, materials and equipment. Asset Inventory Management solutions cut across the complexity of the contemporary workplace.

With AIM, your business can greatly reduce Inventory carrying costs, limit equipment downtime, improve asset availability and minimize maintenance costs of facilities enterprise-wide.

More Information

  1. Linux operating system.

    1. Cost-effective implementation, can work with open-source or enterprise 3rd party system.

  2. Customized software.

    1. Multi-role and customizable module access rights.

    2. Hierarchical approval system.

    3. Strict user management.

    4. Audit logs for asset changes and user activities.

    5. and more.. 

  3. Support 1D and 2D barcode reading.

  4. UHF RFID that works in the range of 860Mhz to 960Mhz.

  5. Customized application for Android RFID scanner.

Complete Solution
  1. Zebra ZD500R RFID label printer.

  2. Supoin S53 RFID Handheld Scanner.

  3. On metal RFID label tags.

  4. Standard RFID label tags

  1. Fully customizable software.
  2. Can work with any hardwares with SDK.
  3. Can integrate to 3rd party software with API.

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